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February 19, 2014 | Comment


02/19/14 @8:45 PM

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised at this conversation. Based on my phone conversation with Judith ( V.P ) they convinced me 10000% that they are a legitimate organization and their story is quite touching.

I first got a call from Paige ( coordinator ) and told her who I was. She said that Whitney or Judith who are the owners will call me regarding the above concerns and also stated they do have a sanctuary in South Carolina : )

Within minutes I received a phone call from Judith.

She explained in detail how they work. They basically pull dogs from high kill shelters in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. She explained how they kill the dogs in those States and I would rather not discuss it as it is honestly disgusting.

After they pull the dogs from the high kill shelters they have a large list of forsters here in NY who take the dogs in until they are adopted out.

They then bring the dogs every Saturday and Sunday to Petco & Petsmart in Riverhead, Lake Grove, Patchogue, Port Jeff and Commack for adoption events. If the dogs are not adopted that weekend then they go back home with the forsters.

They ( Paige ) arranges everything with the forsters including any vet bills, food, etc that the forster needs. The majority of the money raised is used for vet bills and transportation. If there is any issues with the dog after adoption they always take the dogs back. They also do screening and constant checks on the animal.

There are no paid employees except owner who takes a salary $50,000 or less per year.

Their accountant is working on getting the 2012 Tax returns on the website.

They are using the money to build the Sanctuary in South Carolina.

Love these guys. A great story and I would say that a donation to them is well worth it.