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January 20, 2014 | Comment

Dog & Cat Grooming:

Angels in Bows Mobile Grooming.631-575-2535
I met Victoria years ago on a rescue. We have been friends since and I highly recommend her. Not only does she love and rescue animals but she is great at what she does. Like the page and call her for all your pet grooming needs.



Massapequa Pet Vet Dr Ned Horowitz 516-797-8387

First I want to tell you a few stories that I hope you appreciate.

Over twenty years ago my dog Lucky was sick. I went to a bunch of different Vets and no one would take him because I literally had no money. Everyone turned me down and I was losing all hope.

Then I found Dr. Horowitz.

He told me don’t worry, bring him in and when you get the money pay me. He literally saved my dogs life. I never forgot that.

Fast forward twenty years.

I moved back to Massapequa and my cat Saki is sick. I took him straight to Massapequa Pet Vet.

I saw Dr Horowitz and said “You probably dont remember me….” and told him the story how I never forgot what he did.

My cat Saki was recently diagnosed with diabetes and Dr Horowitz and his entire staff has been absolutely amazing trying to save Sakis life thru this very difficult time.

Theres really no other Vet that I trust more then him. He is just an amazing person, works with you financially and more importantly truly cares about your pet. You feel safe having your pet in their hands.

So Im giving Dr Horowitz 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, A+, 10 out of 10 and anything else you can think of.

Hope that helps some of you who are looking for a great Vet and person to trust with your loved one.