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February 22, 2014 | Comment




Every so often you come across people in this business that blow you away. Today was one of those days.

I received a phone call from Ashley of Almost Home early this morning asking me if I wanted to go out with them to feed animals in Wyandanch. I met the two women ( Ashley and Ashley ) at the Fire Dept in Wyandance and with their truck filled with animal food and toys we began to drive to a mapped out list of homes to help animals in need.

Some of the homes the animals where actually being treated almost decent while others the scene was literally disgusting. Dogs being tied up in dog houses out in the cold with their own feces literally right in front of them in piles. Short chains in utter disgusting settings.

Then we drove to several houses where known dog fighting is taking places. Homes with gang members and cages lined up in back yards that we had to sneak photos from neighbors property to try to build cases up for either the Police, SPCA or whoever so hopefully someone will do something.

Wyandanch is one of many towns in Long Island that every other house it seems dogs are just tied up in the backyards like lawn ornaments. It is beyond heart breaking and NOTHING that anyone can do based on the law.

I have a list of a few of the homes that I plan on doing full checks on and reporting it one day when the time is right but as both Ashleys stated if I post it now it will blow up the investigation. After a few minutes they convinced me….. and they are right.

After a few hours we pulled up and met Linda in another truck who had her own route to drop off food and toys. Linda is the Owner of Almost Home and the one who ran the event last week to change the animal abuse laws.

As I’m sitting here writing this now I seriously am heartbroken. I have seen it before going out but not to this extent. Having a list of homes these women knew addresses, dogs names, peoples names, locations. It was like going out with the Starsky & Hutch of Animal Abuse. Their knowledge alone was inspiring.

So Yes, this is beyond a legitimate rescue. They just don’t feed the animals but they rescue as well as many other things. They are 100000% hands on like I have never seen before. I want you to imagine a group of young white women going into some of the worst neighborhoods in Long Island and not caring as long as they get the food to the animals. That’s what they do.

Again, I am in awe of these people and today I can say that I met people that really care and make a difference day in and day out. They don’t do it for money or fame. They do it because its the right thing to do and THAT is the type of people and rescues so desperately needed in NY.

Great job. Please donate to them if possible and check out their website for more information.