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January 20, 2014 | Comment

The Goal of NYAC

– Investigate Animal Rescues, Shelters, Vets, etc in Long Island and all of NY.

– Work to change the Animal Abuse & Neglect laws in NY.

– Save and Rescue Animals by bringing attention to trusted rescues to find safe homes for the animals.

– Work with legitimate rescues and provide you with a complete list and reports

– Educate others on the laws

– investigate possible animal abusers and neglect locations

– investigate who is living at these locations and do complete background investigations on them

– build a solid case to present to the DA so these people can be prosecuted and brought to justice

NYAC is NOT a 501 C3 Non-Profit. I DO NOT ACCEPT DONATIONS. I do this for free.



I do this all on my own without any help ( YES, I need help ). I do the best I can when I can. I dont do this for money or fame and do not accept donations. I do this because honestly, like some of you, I love animals more than most people. I am dedicating this site to all my pets I have lost in my life. Sandy, Lucky, Shots, Saki and Dexter. My kids.

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